Ssense X Burberry


Event Production

Design + Fabrication

Creative OVerview

Using physical and digital assets, we partnered with Matte Projects to fabricate installations for Burberry's AlpTotal collection within their Imaginary Cities narrative.

Inside Burberry’s Chicago store, we brought sensory experiences of the natural world to coexist within a retail space. Turning the retail setting into an artistic expression, we used minimalist materials like stainless steel, exposed wires, sleek fixturing, and custom industrial fans to emulate the sensations of nature.

Pendulum provided creative insight on physical installations, onsite production support, and the creation of specific installations like projection-mapped box structures, sound installation fans, and a mound that consisted of HDPE plastics and organic soil.



Fashion Network


Event Production

  • Creative insight on physical installations
  • Onsite production support

Design + Fabrication

  • Projection-mapped box structures 
  • Soil mound with organic soil and HDPE plastics 
  • Custom industrial fans

Technical AV